The Procedures for Application

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I. Application Requirements


Application   Requirements

Bachelor   Degree

A: Graduate   of Senior Middle School or Above

B:   Certificate of 3rd Level of HSK

Chinese   Language Program

Applicants who are interested in Chinese Language and Chinese history   & culture, in good healthcan register themselves for the program.

II. Procedures and Time for Application

1、Deadline for Application



Bachelor   Degree

the end of May

Chinese   Language Program

Spring   Semester

December 15th

Fall   Semester

June 15th

2Applicants can download the application form from the website of the International College.

3、Application Materials:(Application fees and materials are non-returnable)

   aApplication Form for International Student

bDiploma of Graduatephotocopy

cThe Transcripts

dCertificate of 3rd Level of HSKphotocopy

eHealth Certificate

fSix Color Pictures (size: 3cm×4cm)

gPhotocopy of Passport

hApplication Fee (RMB 400)


(1) If the certificates provided are neither in Chinese nor in English, notarized translations in Chinese or English are required.

(2) For Chinese Language Students: items a, e, f, g, h should be submitted. (Any international applicant applying for non-degree Chinese language program will be accepted without considering the applicant's educational background)  

4、VisaAfter verification by the International College, the ‘Application form for Visa in China’ (JW202) and ‘Notice of Admissions’ will be given to the qualified students.  With JW202 ‘Notice of Admissions’ and the passport, the students can apply for the study visa in China (X Visa) from the embassy or the consulate of China.

5、RegistrationReport to the International College with JW202 form and ‘Notice of Admissions’ to register and pay the tuition fee according to the date indicated on the ‘Notice of Admissions’.

III. Fees:


Tuition   Fee (RMB)

Application   Fee


Bachelor   Degree


(¥19,000/year   for students majored in Music and Fine Arts


To   be paid separately

Chinese   Language Program


one   week       ¥600

two   weeks      ¥1,100

three   weeks     ¥1,600

four   weeks      ¥2,000

two   months     ¥3,500


¥6,500/   semester

¥12,000/academic   year


IV. Contact

International Office of Zaozhuang University

Address: 1 Bei’an Road, Zaozhuang City, Shandong, China 277160

Tel: +86-632-3785811     +86-632-3785836

Fax: +86-632-3785811



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