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A wise woman told me that you have to work hard to achieve anything that you want. Ever since then, I’ve lived by that code; as an English teacher at Zaozhuang University I’ve taught Oral English to Tourism, Marketing & English Major students. I’m an ambitious entrepreneur that was raised and born in Toronto, Canada. I have two certificates in Visual Arts, a Diploma in Graphic Design Media, a TESOL Certificate & a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design at one of the most prestigious universities in the world of design (OCADU). That same wise woman was very controlling so it was hard for me to find myself, but when I broke free 5 years ago I realized that there is nothing more gratifying than being a teacher. Being a teacher here has given me the opportunity to share the wealth of knowledge that has been passed on through an intense life, which is something known as the ‘Will Of Fire’. This internal fire is something that would make everyone strive to succeed

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