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Hi, my name is Victor Wood, Chinese name, Qi Baishi, aged 61, a British national and a graduate from The University of Wales in the United Kingdom. In my scholastic work I specialized in special educational needs working with blind and autistic children in the UK. I worked at a special private school in the south of England that has patronage directly from members of the British monarchy,

My main interest these days is my work at Zaozhuang university where I teach Oral English and advanced writing courses to freshmen and juniors respectively. To balance these academic pursuits, I practice and study Chinese water colour Art and calligraphy, Art being a lifelong passion of mine, it seemed logical to whilst in Asia to further my knowledge of this subject. I also play tennis and follow the career of Chinese tennis star Li Na. I enjoy singing and going to KTV with my co-workers here at Zaozhuang and spend some time in the music faculty watching the piano and Arhu rehearsals

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